Why buy private health insurance in the UK?

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The National Health Service (NHS) is crucial to the United Kingdom’s health industry. It gives anyone the possibility to receive healthcare no matter their age, race, or city. However, the system is not perfect. For those who wish to receive fast and reliable treatment, private health insurance may be for you. As the residents of the UK demand more from the NHS, the availability and speed of treatment continue to diminish. For some, the 18-week pledge is just not enough. In the following article, we have outlined a few of the many reasons you should consider the switch to private health insurance.

Fast and Reliable Service

While the NHS provides service to many residents of the UK, it is nearly impossible to maintain high standards when you are responsible for 1 million patients every 36 hours. The high demand for healthcare is a classic “tragedy of the commons” scenario where many aren’t able to receive the care they need in their moment of need. Alternatively, switching to a private health insurer such as Bupa grants you the ability to schedule an appointment or fast track an appointment so you can receive your treatment and diagnosis without worry.


The little things matter most when you or loved ones are sick. When your life is burdened with a sickness, the most comfortable (and sanitary) way to heal your sickness is within the confines of a private room. This diminishes the spread of your sickness as well as the possibility of being infected with a second disease. If you rely on the NHS, you will have to share your space as opposed to the privacy of a private provider. Furthermore, there have been many cases of public patients contracting diseases like MRSA and C.difficile. Although it is still possible, the risk of infection within a private hospital is very low in comparison.

Tailored Packages

Many people deny their need for private health insurance in the UK  based on the lavish packages offered by several companies. Fortunately, you have the ability to pick and choose what type of care you wish to have covered. Many private insurers offer a variety of different package options, giving you the power instead of taking it. For example, some options include therapies ranging from physiotherapy to osteotherapy and chiropractic treatment. Your new provider may offer an out-patient specialist in order to maximize your comfort in your time of need.

Savings Across the Board

The opportunity to lead a healthier and safer life don’t stop with the health insurance provider. In an effort to attract customers, many private insurers partner with different health facilities like gyms and offer discounts for membership. They also offer discounted rates on partnering health examination clinics. The main objective of most private insurers is your comfort. If you are tired of waiting in long lines, dirty waiting rooms, and crowded conditions, consider switching to a private health insurance provider. Switching is easy, affordable, and can be accomplished with one phone call.